So a cop, a grocery store owner, and a pallet maker walk into a bar...

...they had a vision of bringing to Presque Isle a restaurant with a unique identity and great food—a vision of sharing with friends and visitors their passion for smoked meat and local flavor, providing all guests with an exceptional experience.

But what to call it?

Shawn was reminded of a painting he had in his office for decades of a small pig taking a big leap off a dock into a pond. Much like the pig in the painting, the trio knew they were taking a leap of faith into a new adventure. With the brave pig in mind, and plans to incorporate maple into their recipes, the Maple Pig was born.

The Maple Pig Bar & Grill is designed around homemade recipes, in-house smoked meats, and authentic brick oven pizzas: to bring you an experience that leaves you wanting to come back and spend time with us again and again.